Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. 2022 Chinese New Year Group Meeting

On January 29, 2022, Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. held a Chinese New Year group visit at the Hexi Feast Hotel. First of all, Chairman Gu Jun delivered a speech summarizing the company’s achievements in the past year and future plans, affirming the company’s achievements in 2021, and expressing hope for the high-quality development of the company in the future.

In order to recognize the employees and their families who have made special contributions to the company in the past year, the company has specially set up the “Enterprise Construction Pioneer Award” and “Family Support Award” this year.

In the exciting lottery session, the audience was full of laughter.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who have made unremitting efforts for the continuous development of Shengli Technology. I wish you all the success and good health in the new year, and I wish Shengli Technology will make great achievements in the new year.

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