Development and Reform Commission: Explore the establishment of hydrogen production bases in areas with large hydrogen energy applications

The National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035)” and proposed:

  • Combined with resource endowment characteristics and industrial layout, the hydrogen production technology route should be selected according to local conditions, and the construction of a clean, low-carbon and low-cost diversified hydrogen production system should be gradually promoted.
  • In areas where coking, chlor-alkali, propane dehydrogenation and other industries are concentrated, priority should be given to the use of industrial by-product hydrogen, and nearby consumption is encouraged to reduce the cost of industrial by-product hydrogen supply.
  • In areas rich in wind-solar hydropower resources, carry out hydrogen production demonstrations from renewable energy sources, gradually expand the scale of demonstrations, and explore seasonal energy storage and grid peak shaving.
  • Promote the research and development of solid oxide electrolysis cells for hydrogen production, photo-splitting water for hydrogen production, seawater hydrogen production, and nuclear energy high-temperature hydrogen production.
  • Explore the establishment of hydrogen production bases in areas with large-scale hydrogen energy applications.

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