Germany to strengthen hydrogen cooperation with African countries

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, May 26 (Reporter Li Chao) German Chancellor Scholz recently made his first visit to African countries after taking office, and discussed with leaders of these African countries to strengthen cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy during his visits to Senegal, Niger and South Africa. . On the 24th, Scholz said at a press conference with South African President Ramaphosa in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa, that Germany is accelerating the adjustment of its energy supply structure.   To combat climate change, a massive expansion of renewable energy and a reduction in fossil fuel consumption is required. Germany and South Africa to jointly carry out green energy research has very broad prospects.   Ramaphosa and Scholz visited the South African company Sasol on the same day and said that South Africa is committed to the development of clean energy, and Sasol is implementing a plan to use solar and wind energy resources to produce green hydrogen energy on a large scale. The plan is expected to 10 million tons of hydrogen energy will be exported to the EU every year.  
This will be an excellent opportunity for South Africa to cooperate with Germany on green hydrogen development, energy security, job creation and combating climate change. – Ramaphosa
    Senegal’s President Salle said at a press conference with Scholz in the capital Dakar on the 22nd that the country is considering green hydrogen energy cooperation with Germany. Scholz said that Germany not only hopes to cooperate with Senegal in the fields of solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy fields, but also natural gas projects are also areas of interest to Germany. Germany and Senegal have started dialogue on cooperation in the field of natural gas.  

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