Construction of the first domestic inland hydrogen fuel cell powered workboat “Three Gorges Hydrogen Boat No. 1” started

Recently, the first domestic inland hydrogen fuel cell powered workboat, “Sanxia Hydrogen Boat No. 1”, jointly developed and built by China Three Gorges Group Yangtze Power and China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s No. 712 Research Institute, officially started construction in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.  

  “Three Gorges Hydrogen Boat No. 1” is a catamaran transportation vessel powered by hydrogen fuel and lithium iron phosphate battery. It adopts the hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery power system independently developed by my country. Its manufacturing application will further promote hydrogen energy. The exploration and development of technology on inland ships will help the development of my country’s hydrogen energy ship industry.   “Three Gorges Hydrogen Boat No. 1” adopts a steel-aluminum composite structure, with a total length of 49.9 meters, a depth of 3.2 meters, a design draft of 1.85 meters, and a full-rotation rudder propeller for propulsion. The hydrogen fuel cell has a rated output of 500 kilowatts and a maximum speed of 28 meters per hour. km, the cruising range can reach 200 km. After completion, it will be mainly used for transportation between the Three Gorges Reservoir area and the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhou Dam, inspection of the reservoir area, and emergency work.   Hydrogen energy has the advantages of non-polluting, high efficiency, and recyclability. It is gradually becoming one of the important carriers of global energy transformation and development, and an important part of the future national energy system. Under the guidance of the “dual carbon” goal, CYPC actively explores and promotes the demonstration application of hydrogen energy in ships and other fields, and contributes to promoting the construction of a green and low-carbon industrial system and the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

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