13X Molecular Sieve Powder

13X Molecular Sieve Powder

〖Product Usage〗
13X zeolite molecular sieve raw powder refers to NaX type sodium aluminosilicate silicate; white powder, uniform fine powder, no visible pollution form; is a sodium aluminosilicate crystal containing structured water, which belongs to silicate. The specific surface area is large, the calcium exchange capacity is strong, and the fluidity is good. The effective pore size of 13X molecular sieve is 10 angstroms, and it can adsorb any molecule smaller than 10 angstroms. It is widely used in the desulfurization of cracked gas, the drying and desulfurization of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons, the separation and dehydration of air, and the removal of carbon dioxide.
The raw powder is produced by Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. using the new technology of synchronous cycle exchange. It has:
· High CO? adsorption capacity;
· High degree of exchange, good thermal stability, low sieve residue

Item Unit 13X Testing Conditions
Static water adsorption %wt ≥33 BET RH50%,25℃
CO? adsorption %wt ≥23 RH50%,25℃
Heap proportion g/ml ≥0.6 Stacker
Burning weightlessness %wt ≤24 575℃/1hr
Sieve residue %wt ≤1.0 325 mesh
PH value ≤11 5% water soluble
Cl %wt ≤0.1 Colorimetry
〖Packaging, storage and transportation〗
  • Packaging (40Kg/bag, 500Kg/bag, 1000Kg/bag or according to user requirements).
  • Must be protected against moisture and sharp weapons during transportation.
  • Store in a ventilated and dry room. Products with unclear labels cannot be used.