Hydrocarbon First-stage Conversion Catalyst

Hydrocarbon First-stage Conversion Catalyst (Model: Z118Y)

〖Product Usage〗
The catalyst is suitable for the first conversion section of the synthesis ammonia, methanol or hydrogen production plant from different raw materials such as natural gas, coke oven gas, refinery gas, naphtha, and oilfield associated gas, to convert hydrocarbons and water into H?, CO, CO? Reaction. It is also suitable for ammonia cracking hydrogen production plant.
The catalyst is a new type of rare earth special-shaped nickel catalyst produced by Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. using a high-temperature sintered calcium aluminate carrier and a new impregnation process technology. It has:

  • Special-shaped porous structure, low bed resistance
  • Special-shaped carrier plus rare earth, high strength, not easy to form carbon powder
  • Large effective surface area, good activity, thermal stability, and good low temperature activity

〖Conditions of Use〗
Operating temperature:
Inlet temperature 400-600℃ .Output temperature 650-850℃
Operating pressure:0-5.0MPa
Water to carbon ratio:2.5-5.0
Carbon space velocity:600-2000h?1
Sulfur content in feed gas≤0.2×10??

〖Physical and chemical indicators〗
Item Z118Y Z118Y-1
Physical properties Appearance Six-hole arc Six-hole arc
Specification (mm) Φ16×16×3.5 Φ16×9×3.5
Bulk density (kg/l) 0.9±0.1 0.9±0.1
Average intensity (N/piece) ≥350 ≥250
Chemical composition NiO % ≥14.0 ≥14.0
SiO₂ % ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Burning weightlessness % ≤5 ≤5

〖機能目標〗 耐熱性
800℃下活性(干氣CH₄)V %: ≤21(Z118Y劣等品)
520℃下活性(干氣CH₄)V %:≤64(Z118Y-1劣等品)

〖Packaging, storage and transportation〗
  • Sealed iron drum packaging(50±0.2kg/Barrel).
  • It must be moisture-proof, drop-proof and anti-rolling during transportation
  • Store in a ventilated and dry room. Products with damaged packaging and unclear labels cannot be used