Methanation Catalyst

Methanation Catalyst (Model: J108-2Q)

〖Product Usage〗
The catalyst is suitable for the reaction of synthesizing low-concentration CO and CO? in the hydrogen-rich feed gas into methane and water in the synthesis of ammonia, bis-methyl process or LNG plant to achieve the purpose of purification.
The catalyst is a new type of titanium, rare earth and nickel catalyst produced by Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. using impregnation technology. It has:

  • Good low temperature activity, minimum 230℃ operation
  • Strong adaptability, suitable for processes with different conditions such as high airspeed and low pressure
  • High strength, resistance to brewing, no chalking, low resistance
  • The application of rare earth greatly extends its life

〖Conditions of Use〗
Adaptation temperature :250-430℃
Initial inlet temperature:250-270℃
Operating pressure:0.5-32MPa
‘S’ content in raw materials:≤0.1×10??
‘Clˉ’content in raw materials:≤0.03×10??
〖Physical and chemical indicators〗

Item J108-2Q
Physical properties Appearance Gray black sphere
Diameter(mm) Φ2.5~4.0 or Φ4.5~5.5
Bulk density(kg/l) ≤1.0
Chemical composition NiO% ≥18.0
Additives % Right amount
Burning weightlessness % ≤7
Al₂O₃(%) margin

Inlet gas: CO+CO?≤0.7%,Outlet gas: CO+CO?≤10ppm

〖Packaging, storage and transportation〗
  • Sealed iron drum packaging(50kg/Barrel)
  • It must be moisture-proof, drop-proof and anti-rolling during transportation
  • Store in a ventilated and dry room. Products with damaged packaging and unclear labels cannot be used