Methanol Cracking Hydrogen Production Catalyst

Methanol Cracking Hydrogen Production Catalyst (Model: SF104)

〖Product Usage〗
The catalyst is used for the reaction of methanol and steam reforming and conversion to produce H?+CO?, and is specially designed for methanol cracking hydrogen production device.
The catalyst is a new co-precipitation process technology adopted by Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd., and unique additives are added. It has:

  • Reasonable heap specific gravity;
  • High strength, high conversion rate;
  • Good selectivity and thermal stability
  • Its performance shows in practical application that this product is ahead of similar products at home and abroad.
    〖Conditions of Use〗
    Adaptation temperature: 230-285℃ (reactor inlet temperature)
    Optimal operating temperature: 240-280°C (depending on the operating pressure)
    Optimal operating pressure: ≤2.5MPa
    Liquid space velocity: ≤1.0h?1
    ‘S’ content in raw materials: <1×10??
    ‘Clˉ’content in raw materials: <1×10??
    〖Physical and chemical indicators〗

    Item SF104
    Physical properties Appearance Black cylinder with metallic luster
    Diameter(mm) 5±0.2
    Length(mm) 5±0.5
    Bulk density(kg/l) 1.20~1.30
    Average strength before reduction (side pressure)(N/cm) ≥160
    Chemical composition CuO(%) ≥63.0
    ZnO(%) ≥13.0
    Al₂O₃(%) ≥7.0

    ‘CH?OH’ Conversion rates≥98%
    〖Packaging, storage and transportation〗

    • Sealed iron drum packaging(50kg/Barrel)
    • It must be moisture-proof, drop-proof and anti-rolling during transportation
    • Store in a ventilated and dry room. Products with damaged packaging and unclear labels cannot be used