Molecular Sieve for Alcohol Dehydration

Molecular Sieve for Alcohol Dehydration (Model: S328C, S335C)

〖Product Usage〗
It is used in the dehydration process of industrial alcohol to produce absolute ethanol and the deep dehydration process of carbon dioxide.
Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. specially develops and produces special molecular sieves for alcohol dehydration in response to specific problems that occur in the alcohol dehydration device, such as the output cannot meet the design requirements and the product purity does not meet the requirements. It has:

  • Highly selective adsorption: Due to the choice of raw powder with high exchange rate, the molecular sieve only adsorbs water, and has a large adsorption capacity, and almost no adsorption of ethanol and carbon dioxide.
  • High strength: In the production process, the requirements of the alcohol dehydration process for product strength are fully considered, and a high-viscosity adhesive is selected to make the strength meet the requirements and ensure that the product is not easy to powder during use.

〖Chemical formula〗

Item SL328C SL335C
Specifications 1.6-2.5 mm 3-5 mm
Nominal aperture (?) 3 3
Bulk density (g/l) ≥720 ≥720
Balanced H?O adsorption capacity (%wt) ≥20.0% ≥20.0%
Balanced CO? adsorption capacity (%wt) ≤1% ≤1%
Granularity qualification rate(%wt) ≥98.0 ≥98.0
Residual water content(%wt) 1.5% 1.5%

Tip: Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. also develops and produces special molecular sieves for users.
〖Packing〗·30kg sealed steel drum ·140kg sealed steel drum ·500kg container bag
〖Storage〗It should be stored in a dry room at 2~50℃ and relative humidity ≤90%RH, and avoid water, acid and alkali.
〖Note〗 After the molecular sieve absorbs moisture, it can be used after regeneration treatment, and its effect remains unchanged.