PSA-H? Molecular Sieve

PSA-H? Molecular Sieve(S528C)

〖Product Usage〗
Mainly used in (PSA) pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production, carbon monoxide production plant and large-scale normal isoparaffin separation plant of petrochemical enterprises and other industrial fields.
〖Chemical Equation〗

Item 8×12 mesh, spherical
Particle diameter(mm) 1.6-2.5
Bulk density(g/l) ≥700
Crushing strength (N) ≥35
Static H?O adsorption (%wt) (25℃,17.5mmHg) ≥25%
Static CO adsorption capacity (ml/g) (25℃,1 atmosphere) ≥28
CO? adsorption capacity (%w) (25℃,17.5mmHg) ≥18
Static nitrogen adsorption (ml/g) (25℃,1 atmosphere) ≥11
Abrasion rate(%wt) ≤0.3%
Water content (when shipped) ( %wt) 1.5%

Tip: Chengdu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. also develops and produces special molecular sieves for users.
〖Packing〗·30kg sealed steel drum ·140kg sealed steel drum ·500kg container bag
〖Storage〗It should be stored in a dry room at 2~50℃ and relative humidity ≤90%RH, and avoid water, acid and alkali.
〖Note〗 After the molecular sieve absorbs moisture, it can be used after regeneration treatment, and its effect remains unchanged.


PSA-H2 份子篩PSA-H2 份子篩PSA-H2 份子篩